2 Day Training Program on Programming Packages

2 Day Training Program on
VC++/C#.NET/VB.NET/Java/Android/Device Driver

The training division of KTS InfoTech  is conducting a 2 day training program on their popular Video Tutorial CD packages in VC++, VC#.NET, VB.NET , Java ,Android and Device Driver Programming.  The training program comprises of both theory (detailed explanation of all the tutorials in the Training CD package) and hands on session . After attending this workshop, the participant is expected to develop small utility programs using the source codes provided in the Tutorial CD and associated help documentation. 

## Certificate will be issued at the end of the training program.

In general, the details of the program are given below.


1.    =>The participant should have a basic understanding of OOPs concepts preferably with C++ or Java.

2.   =>The participant should come with his own laptop and have the development environment, MSDN/Help Documentation installed in his machine/laptop.  Alternatively KTS can provide with an Oracle Virtual Box based environment where the development environment is pre-installed. The training will be conducted either in the  KTS Premises or in the Organization Premises of the participant.

3.  => Tutorial CDs can be directly downloaded from the KTS  Website http://www.ktsinfotech.com or can be viewed and downloaded directly from TekTips , the Company support portal web page http://www.tektips.in/how-to-video-tutorials.aspx or  http://www.tektips.in/download.aspx

Batch Information:

1. => Separate training sessions will be conducted based on the audience type like College Students, College Faculties , IT Professionals/Corporates etc.

2. => For IT Professionals/Corporates if needed training will be given based on their specific project/technology requirements (Eg: Windows Device driver Development ) if informed well in advance.
Course Contents

1.       Basics of OOPs using the preferred language (C++, C#, VB.NET , Java)

2.       Familiarization with the IDE

3.       Developing Windows Programs

4.       Developing Graphics Programs

5.       Developing Database Programs

6.       Developing Multi-threaded applications

7.       Developing component applications

8.       Developing Networking Applications

9.       Developing Web Applications (Dot Net CD only)

Chief Instructor:  Tom Thomas M.Tech (CUSAT)

Brief Profile: Mr. Tom is the Co-Founder and CTO of KTS InfoTech with 17 + years of experience in software development and Training. He started his career as a C/C++ programmer in the late 90s and has been very active and passionate in programming since then.  He is the Chief Technical architect of all the software products developed at KTS InfoTech including popular Digital Notice Board Software ( KTS InfoMate ) developed with technologies C#.NET , VC++ and Java/Android SDK.  He had worked both in start-ups as well as in CMM Level 5 companies (NeST and Wipro Technologies) for clients like General Electric, Agilent, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Alcatel, Insurance Service Corporation etc. He had trained hundreds of professionals in VC++, C#.NET, VB.NET, Java, ASP.NET, Android and in Device Driver Technologies.  The Tutorial CDs are developed based on his Software engineering as well as training experience.

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Kottayam DT, Kerala.

Web http://www.ktsinfotech.com

E Mail : info@ktsinfotech.com
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