Are you a Fresh Graduate | Budding IT professional looking to update your skills and advance your career?

Then LEAP is just the right program for you.

What is LEAP?

LEAP is a comprehensive “Training & Internship” program specifically designed for fresh and aspiring Digital Marketing professionals. The program is structured as 3 months of training followed by 3 months of internship.

LEAP is derived from four guiding principles. LEARN new skill, gain EXPERIENCE alongside experts, APPLY those skills in live projects and follow the best industry PRACTICES.

During the training period, you will learn various Digital Marketing Topics. The various topics in the training are arranged in sections like Basics Of Internet and HTML, Jvascript and CSS , Automating Marketing Tasks with Python, SEO and Landing Pages, Marketing Funnels and A/B Marketing, EMail and SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Webmaster Tools and Analytics , Lead Generation Techniques , Articles , Blogs and Newsletters etc. Each topic and concept will be explained with an example and there will be multiple hands on sessions for each topic.

At the end of the training period you will be equipped to independently initiate Digital Marketing Tasks and Campaigns . You will be trained to emerge as a "True Digital Marketing Professional" having background in different Digital Marketing Segments.

During your Internship period, you will be participating in the Digital Marketing Activities of KTS and other Customer Products and Services. You will gain valuable experience in End to end Digital Marketing working alongside seasoned Marketing professionals and shall acquaint yourself with the best Digital Marketing practices followed by the Industry. Upon completing the Internship Program, you will be able to plan and execute small to medium sized Digital Marketing Campaigns.

LEAP is a complete program to transform you from a “fresh graduate” to an “Industry ready Digital Marketing Professional”.

About us

KTS InfoTech is an Indian software company with more than 18 years of Software Engineering and Training Experience. KTS brings more than 16 years of their Digital Marketing experience ever since they launched their First Video Rental Software Product VideoManager to the market on 2003. We cater to hundreds of customers across the globe for our products and IT Services. We are one of the TOP rated providers in some of the popular IT Outsourcing platforms like Upwork.

Since inception we have also been giving a variety of training programs and video tutorials on different Digital Marketing Topics and Software engineering .

Tom Thomas is the founder and Technical Director of KTS Infotech. He holds an M.Tech Degree in Computer Science and has over two decades of industry experience with a rare mix of Technical and Digital Marketing experince. He is also the lead faculty of the LEAP program.

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