Academic Project List 2017 -2018

Here is a list of New Projects which we are offering for BCA|B.Sc, B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, M.Tech Students. 

Some of the Projects presented here might be inter-disciplinary in nature and might also applicable to Non Computer Science  Stream Students .

1. Website Customer Support Management System (ASP.NET , MVC, Web Service, MySQL , Windows Application,C#.NET, AJAX)

2. Object Identification system using Neural Networks (VC++ , OpenCV, Neural Networks, ASP.NET , Web Service)

3. Automatic News Alerting System using LED Matrix Digital Signage (VC++ , Physics, RS 232, ASP.NET,C#.NET, Web Service, RSS, Electronics, Microcontrollers )

4. Face Recognition System (VC++ , C#.NET, OpenCV, ASP.NET, Neural Neworks, Android , Java ,OpenMP )

5. Object Tracking System (VC++ , C#.NET, OpenGL , DirectX)

6. Life Insurance Management System (ASP.NET, MVC, MySQl,C#.NET, SMS, E Mail , Mobile)

7. LinuxStudio - Visual Studio Addin for Linux C++ application Development.

8. Virtual Camera  ( VC++,COM, DirectX, ActiveX, Device Driver , C#.NET )

9. USB Drive Emulator (VC++ , Device Driver , Windows )

10. Development of a Morphing Component Middleware (VC++, COM, ActiveX, DirectX, GDI , Mathematics )

11. Development of Distributed Agent based Intelligent Data Mining system for Internet Marketing Applications (C#.NET, ASP.NET, MySQL,Windows Services )

12. Development of Social Media based Internet Marketing System (C#.NET, Windows service, Facebook API, Twitter API, ASP.NET)

13. Garden Automation System (QT C++, Embedded System, Raspberry PI, Linux,GPIO, Physics, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering , Sensors)

14. Water Tank Automation System (QT C++, Raspberry PI, GPIO,Physics,Electronics,Mechanical Engineering, Sensors )

15. SiteMap Generator and SEO Website Link submission tool (C#.NET, SEO, MySQL, Internet Marketing )

16. Eye Vision Testing System for optometrist ( QT C++ , Raspberry PI )

17. Augmented Reality Application for Textile Shops (VC++, OpenCV, DirectX)..  

18. Virtual Sprinter Application using Google Map ( Raspberry PI , GPIO, Google MAP ).

19. Tree / Object Height Measurement and Management application in Java , Android .

20. Development of a Web Analytics tool for Internet Marketing(ASP.NET, MVC, Google APIs).

21. Item Ordering System for Customers/ Town shop Owners ( ASP.NET , Android App , E Mail, SMS )

22. => Technology Discussion Platform App (ASP.NET , Android , Facebook )

23. UScan Web Spider => SEO Tool to increase Search Engin Rankinks (C#.NET , SEO , Social Media TCP/IP , Sockets)

24. YouTube Video Uploader and Organizer (C#.NET , YouTube API , )

25. Virtual Printer Diver for creating PDF Documents (VC++, Divice Driver Kit, Postscript, PDF).

26. Virtual Video Source DirectX filter for displaying Video streams (VC++, DirectX , RTSP, TV Tuner Card, USB Web Cam).

27. Video Object Tracking System : Case Study Vehicle Tracking System (VC++, OpenCV , Artificial Intelligence )

28. Online Support System For Filed Marketing Staff and Workers(Android , ASP.NET, MVC).

29. Virtual Cricket Practice Application (Video Camera , OpenCV , 3D TV, Criket ,Physics, VC++, DirectX , Android Phone )

30. Virtual Table Tennis Practice Application (Video Camera , OpenCV , 3D TV,Physics, Table Tennis, VC++, DirectX , Android phone )

31. Building Rent Management System(C#.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, Android)

32. Leg Before Wicket (LBW) Decision Making System (VC++ , OpenCV , Mathematics, Physics)

33. Voice Recognition Software Library (VC++, AI)

34. KTS WebCloud Shop Info Submitter Utility (C#.NET Desktop App, ASP.NET , Web Services)

34. Marriage Compatibility Study and Test System using Human Voice Samples(VC++, PCM,FFT AI)

35. Person Identification through Phone using Sound and Skull Area (C++, Neural Networks) 

36. Raspberry PI based Hardware Video swicher using using GPIO Pins (QT C++, Raspberry PI, GPIO, Embedded System, Linux)  

37. Football Offside Detection Software (VC++ , OpenCV, Football)

38. Stitched Camera Scene Reconstruction Generator Application (VC++, Applied Optics/Physics, DirectX, Camera)

39. Vehicle Counting System (VC++, OpenCV, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing)

40. Crop Disease Decision Making System (C#.NET , DirectX, Android, Java, ASP.NET, AI, Agricultural Science, Cloud Computing).

41. Video Wall and Monitoring System using  (C#.NET, VC++ , ONVIF, RTSP, HTTP)

42. Online Survey Management System (C#.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, Boostrap, MySQL)

43. Web based Remote Desktop System (VC++, RDP, IIS , ASP.NET, TCP/IP, SiganlR, HTML5 Canvas)

44. Cricket Ball Tracker (VC++, OpenCV, Image Processing)

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